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Level 1

  1. Exercises to master the abacus technique. Calculations with the abacus in the range 1-100
  1. Performing simple operations on the abacus (without using logical formulas when the coils on the bar are sufficient to perform arithmetic operations)
  1. Computing mentally in the range 1-100 with simple operations on single and identical two-digit numbers
  1. Using methodologically designed concepts of varying difficulty (little friends), complex operations on the abacus in the range 1-100, involving exercises with logical formulas, when the coils on the bar are insufficient
  1. Number recognition using imaginary cards in the range up to 100, where any number is learned and remembered as a picture made of coils.

Level II

  1. Three-digit values
  2. The concept of big friends
  3. Calculation of three-digit values on the abacus using simple operations
  4. Mental calculation with simple operations on one-digit and two-digit values
  5. Double friends
  6. Calculation using abacus: using minor, major and double friends in complex operations
  7. Mental arithmetic: complex operations on single-digit numbers using minor and major friends
  8. Recognizing three-digit numbers with imaginary cards
  9. Standards: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Adding and subtracting numbers

Level III

  1. Calculation on the abacus: with complex operations on 1,2,3-digit values using double friends
  1. Mental arithmetic on 1.2-digit values using double and major friends
  1. Mental calculation: with simple operations on three-digit values
  1. Standards: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100
    It should be noted that at the third level, all complex operations are practiced while performing standards, during
    which children have to use minor, major and double friends in sequence, both on the abacus and under
    imagination. Focusing, quick and flexible mind lead to timely fulfillment of such standards, being one of the primary
    and important tasks both to proceed with studies and learn the subject at the following levels

Level IV


Level V


Level VI


Level VII


Level VIII

percentages, square roots

Level IX

percentages, square roots